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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who Would've Thought?

This last weekend was the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay. If you're not familiar with it, you get a team of 12 together, and it's a relay run from Logan, UT to Park City, UT. I believe it is a total of 188 miles.

There was a group from my work that was doing it. On Monday, the lead guy of the group came to me and told me that one of the ladies has been sick for 2 weeks and hasn't been able to train or anything, and if she can't, he was wondering if I would like to take her place in the run. I jumped at the chance and said YES!!! If she didn't do it, I would be runner # 5.

I was really starting to get excited about it, and I thought most likely she would end up not doing it, because from personal experience, when you haven't trained for 2 weeks, it makes it really hard to bounce back, at least for me.

Well, she ended up bouncing back really well and doing the race. I have to admit, I was really quite bummed. I was SO looking forward to doing it.

Who would've thought that I would want to RUN the Ragnar relay? A year ago, I would've said HELL NO!!! Up until probably earlier this year, I have not been a fan of running. I've done it because you have to do it as part of a triathlon, but this year, now that I've started to get better at it, I've really started to enjoy it.

Since I didn't get to run in the race this year, I decided to get up bright and early Saturday morning (after only 3 hours of sleep) and I headed up to Heber, UT to root them on. Let me just tell you how inspiring it is to look off to the side of the road and see all of these people running. You can tell they are exhausted (everybody has to run 3 legs of the race), but they are still having a good time. I was just in total awe.

So, next year, I am definitely going to do the Ragnar Relay. I'm going to try and put a team together and we're going to do it! I can't wait! A year seems SO LONG AWAY!!!

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