My Next Race

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Look What I Got!!!

Look what my co-worker gave me!!! They are cycling shoes for specific cycling pedals. These shoes have clips on the bottom so you can clip in to your pedals so your feet don't slip or anything like that. I've REALLY wanted to get these shoes and pedals, but they are SUPER expensive. These shoes can range anywhere from $60-$200, and my co-worker GAVE these shoes to me. Now I just need to get the pedals (about $90).

Since I can't afford the pedals right now, when I've been going up to the gym to ride a bike, I take the shoes and I can clip in to the pedals at the gym.

The tricky thing about these shoes/pedals is to get out of the pedals, you have to twist your foot/ankle to unclip. That's a little tricky because, as you might know, about 5 years ago, I broke my left leg and ankle. I'm getting better at it, but the first time I had to get these shoes out of the pedals, I could barely get my ankle to turn far enough. The more I practice, the better I'll get though.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Food Posts

I apologize for not posting very much about food. I realized why I don't, and it's because I eat pretty much the same thing every day.

Well, and I have to say, I don't think it really matters as much what you eat, it matters more that it's portion control. Granted, you still need to eat a little healthier than say fast food all day every day, but I think it's more about portion control.

But, anywho, I thought I'd let you guys know basically what I eat on a daily basis and then you can see why I don't post too much about food. Now, I don't necessarily recommend this eating menu for everyone. You just have to figure out what works best for you, and this is what works best for me.

Breakfast - 2 packets of sugar-free instant oatmeal (100 calories for each packet), a low fat Wal-Mart brand yogurt and a piece of fresh fruit.

Lunch - Either a Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones frozen lunch and a salad. Now, with a salad, I think you need to be careful what you put in the salad because some stuff (croutons) aren't the healthiest. But, what I put in my salad is fresh mushrooms, one spoonful of black eyed peas, a small spoonful of mandarin oranges (in their own juices), and 5 black olives. If I have a cucumber, I'll put slices of cucumber in there too. Then I have fat-free Italian dressing. Now that we're getting in to cooler weather, Campbell's Soup makes really good healthy soups that are usually only between 200-300 calories a can, so instead of having a Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine, I might have soup instead.

Dinner - I usually have whatever my family is having, it's just in smaller portions. If I feel like what they're eating isn't healthy, then I'll repeat what I had for lunch.

Dessert - 100 calorie pack of microwave popcorn.

Snacks - Throughout the day, if I get the munchies, I have a stash of fresh veggies (baby carrots, celery sticks) that I munch on.

Now, Saturday is my cheat day, so I can eat whatever I want that day. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1/2 Marathon in 8 Weeks

I've signed up for my first 1/2 marathon and it's going to be on October 9th up in Layton, UT. When I signed up for the 1/2 marathon, I was able to run 9 miles each time I ran.

Well, I advanced too fast in my running and had to back down to 8 miles every time I ran. Last week I as running 8 miles until I got sick with a cold and my working out came to a screeching halt for 3 days. So, I haven't run long distances in a week. It seems like when I take any kind of break from running, I digress a couple of miles...however, I seem to recover fairly quickly.

I went running tonight and I was only able to make it a little over 6 miles. I REALLY wanted to be able to run 7 miles, but the farther I got in to my run, the more I knew that would most likely not be possible. Part of it I think was the heat (for it being 7:00 p.m. when I went running, it was still pretty warm) and the other part was I haven't been running long distances in a week.

The whole time I'm running though, I'm thinking, dude, I've signed up for a 1/2 marathon in about 1 1/2 months. I've got to be able to run that 13 miles. Eeeek! So, when I got home, I looked at my calendar and I need to be able to increase my mileage by 1 mile every week to be able to do the 13 miles on October 9th. I think it's very possible as long as I don't get sick or anything else between now and then.

Here's to hoping I don't get sick. :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bountiful Triathlon

Yesterday I competed in the Bountiful Triathlon. In 2009, this is the first triathlon I ever competed in, so it was kind of special for it to be my second time competing in this triathlon. I felt well seasoned and everything. :) This is one of my favorite triathlons to do because it is in reverse order. You do it as a run-bike-swim. I was quite nervous because I was just getting over a cold and hadn't been able to workout for 3 days. I did pretty well though.

My final time was 1:33:02.6. Overall, I came in 225th out of 300+, I came in 92nd in my gender, and 21st in my divsion. It's not my best time, but considering that I had a cold earlier in the week and hadn't worked out in 3 days, I figure I did pretty good. :)

In a way this race was ALOT of fun to do, but in a way, it was disappointing. I shouldn't say the race was disappointing, because it wasn't, but (for lack of better words), my fans were disappointing.

Let me preface this by saying when you compete in a triathlon, at least for me, alot of it is mental. No matter how many triathlons I've done, I still get nervous before each one and I still have to remind myself constantly that I can do this. During the run, I kept telling myself that I can do this. I've done this plenty of times before and I've jogged even further than 3 miles before. I had to do the same thing while I was on my bike. One thing that definitely helps is people cheering you on. It helps with your mind set and it pushes you even harder.

Well, yesterday in the triathlon, my dad wasn't able to be there 'cause he had to work, but my mom was there and so was my grandma and grandpa. My brother and sister-in-law said they'd try and make it, but weren't sure if they'd be able to.

I asked my mom to please take pictures, or have someone take pictures because this is my one year anniversary of competing in triathlons.

No cheering took place at all and hardly any pictures were taken. The pictures that were taken were taken before and after the race, not during the race. No pictures taken of me running, and no pictures taken of me cycling or swimming. My mom said that they saw me running, but they didn't see me biking or swimming. I didn't see them because I was in "the zone", but I knew when I was coming near where they would be and I knew I was the only person competing at that time. I wasn't in a big crowd or anything.

It hurts to hear other people being cheered on by their family members and knowing that you have family members out there but they aren't cheering you on because they didn't see you. are the whopping 5 pictures that were taken from the race:

This is me right before the race.

My mom wanted a picture of me that looked like I was running. I don't know why, but here it is.

The transition area.

Me packing up my stuff & getting ready to ride home.

The race is over and I'm headed home.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I've Got a Cold & a Race Tomorrow

I'm quite nervous. I came down with a cold on Monday and I've got a triathlon this Saturday. At first I thought my cold was just allergies so I took an allergy pill, but nope, it's a full blown cold. I've been taking Zicam and cold medicine, and hopefully I'll feel better by Saturday.

I'm quite nervous because you're not supposed to exercise while you're sick because you should really use all your energy to get better, plus, if you exercise while you're sick, it can make you stay sick longer. So, I haven't worked out in 3 days. Ugh.

Hopefully tomorrow will go well.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to 8

So, like 2 weeks ago, I was actually able to run 10.0 miles, and haven't been able to do it since. :(

Two nights ago I was barely able to run 8.0 miles and I had to stop and walk twice. But tonight...I was successfully able to run 8.0 miles without stopping. Well...I take that back. I did make a pitstop and my brother's house to get more water, but otherwise, I ran all 8.0 miles.

I'm excited that it seems like I'm bouncing back. We'll see how far I can run on Saturday.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Super frustrated - running

I know I shouldn't let this get me down, but I am and I need to figure out a way to not let it get me down and make me so frustrated.

One week ago I was able to run 10 miles without stopping. 8 miles was a breeze for me to run.

Tonight...I was barely able to run 8 miles and I had to stop and walk a little bit. Grrrrrrrrrr...I should be glad that I can at least run that much.

It just really frustrates me and makes me feel like a failure. I guess I need to just buck up & be glad that I'm able to run that far and that it's not bad that I stopped and walked a little bit. I guess I'll just see how I progress with my running throughout the week.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Layton Rinse, Ride, Run, Repeat Triathlon

Yesterday I competed in the Layton City Rinse, Ride, Run, Repeat Triathlon. It was a little different than all the other triathlon's I've competed in. All of my other triathlons, I've only had to swim anywhere from 300-400 yds in the pool, but yesterday, I had to swim 600 yds (24 laps). Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, but add in running a total of 3.1 miles and biking a total of 11 miles, that makes it a little harder.

So, yesterday, it started out swimming 12 laps in the pool, then ride my bike 5.5 miles, then run 1.55 miles, then get back in the pool and swim another 12 laps, ride another 5.5 miles and then run another 1.55 miles, then cross the finish line.

I was able to pass someone up in the pool the first time around, and for some reason, that made me really tired. But the second time I got in the pool, I had to slow myself down. I was starting to get really tired. Normally I don't get too tired doing these races, but yesterday I did.

My final time was 1:49:16.6. I was slower than normal, but my pace was pretty good and it was slower because it was a little longer. are some pictures.

This is me shortly before the race started.

Me swimming in the pool the first time.

Running from the pool to the bike.

Me on the bike the first time around.

Me running the second time. I was starting to get really tired.

You can see more pictures on my Facebook page.