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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cheat Days

I also talked in a previous post about how now that BJ is writing my workout schedules for me that I'm going to have to totally revamp my cheat days.

This weekend was my first weekend where I need to not binge on my cheat days. I think I did pretty well considering what I had been doing.

On Saturday, for breakfast, I had 3 pieces of whole wheat toast and butter and a yogurt. For lunch I had a ham and cheese sandwich, made with low-fat cheese. All I put on the sandwich was mustard and I had some pretzels. For dinner I had sour cream enchilada's. They were really good and it was made with chicken and fat-free sour cream. I think I had a candy bar yesterday too.

Today, I had a one bowl of cereal for breakfast, I didn't have anything for lunch, I had 2 home made waffles for dinner, with peanut butter on them. I had a butterfinger candy bar today and a small ice cream cone today too.

Now, I know that might not sound very healthy, but you have to consider that before on my cheat days, I would seriously binge. I would eat chicken fingers and "tater babies" for lunch on Saturday. I would have a piece of cake from the local bakery during the day too that was covered thick with buttercream icing. I'd have a big sugar cookie and a peanut butter bar. I would seriously binge.

So, considering how I used to eat on my cheat days, I think this first weekend of my new cheat days was pretty good. :)

Weight Loss Progress

My last post talked about how I was scared about changing my workout regimen and stuff like that, because I still have about 11 lbs I want to lose, to reach my goal weight of 150.

I'm pleased to announce that after my first week of BJ writing my workouts for me, I lost 0.6 lbs. Now granted, I wouldn't be surprised if I lost more weight than that, but since BJ has me doing so many weights, I'm building muscle and since muscle weighs more than fat, I wouldn't be surprised to see the number go up on the scale.

We shall see how it goes again this week.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Scared to death

To be honest with you, I'm scared to death. My trainer (BJ) has started emailing me my weekly workouts and they are VERY different than what I have been doing.

Here is what I WAS doing:
Monday - Swim 72 laps, bike 50 minutes
Tuesday - Swim 72 laps, run 6-8 miles, do weights
Wednesday - Swim 72 laps, bike 50 minutes
Thursday - Swim 60 laps, run 6-8 miles, do weights
Friday - Swim 50 laps, bike 50 minutes
Saturday - Run 6-10 miles, do weights
Sunday - No workout

Here is what BJ has me doing this week:
Monday - Swim 48 laps, run 3 miles, do weights
Tuesday - Bike 60 minutes, run 2 miles
Wednesday - Swim 48 laps, run 3 miles, do weights
Thursday - Run 45 minutes (4.5 miles), do weights
Friday - Swim 40 laps
Saturday - Run 5 miles
Sunday - Bike 60 minutes

Because I'm working out less, even though I'm doing more weights, I think I'm going to have to drastically change my eating habits...again. Like I said, Saturday & Sunday were my "cheat" days where I would eat anything I want. I think it was getting to the point where I was gorging on food and eating everything and anything in site and taking advantage of the fact that I was working out SO much during the week, ya know? I think I can still have a "cheat" day, I just can't cheat as much.

But it just scares the livin' daylights outta me. I've been doing what I'm doing for 18 months now. It's just scary. I'm just afraid of gaining all my weight back again. I realize that some of the weight gain I'm going to see is muscle, but I just have to keep reminding myself that BJ knows what he's doing and he knows what's best for me.

Spinning Class

Last week I took my first spinning class up at the rec. center and I LOVED it. I didn't push myself as hard as I should have, but I didn't know how hard to push myself, 'cause I didn't know what to expect.

I definitely wanna go back and take more spinning classes. I just hope I can find the time (the classes are at kind of weird times). My trainer is even going to start putting those classes in my workout schedule.