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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Scared to death

To be honest with you, I'm scared to death. My trainer (BJ) has started emailing me my weekly workouts and they are VERY different than what I have been doing.

Here is what I WAS doing:
Monday - Swim 72 laps, bike 50 minutes
Tuesday - Swim 72 laps, run 6-8 miles, do weights
Wednesday - Swim 72 laps, bike 50 minutes
Thursday - Swim 60 laps, run 6-8 miles, do weights
Friday - Swim 50 laps, bike 50 minutes
Saturday - Run 6-10 miles, do weights
Sunday - No workout

Here is what BJ has me doing this week:
Monday - Swim 48 laps, run 3 miles, do weights
Tuesday - Bike 60 minutes, run 2 miles
Wednesday - Swim 48 laps, run 3 miles, do weights
Thursday - Run 45 minutes (4.5 miles), do weights
Friday - Swim 40 laps
Saturday - Run 5 miles
Sunday - Bike 60 minutes

Because I'm working out less, even though I'm doing more weights, I think I'm going to have to drastically change my eating habits...again. Like I said, Saturday & Sunday were my "cheat" days where I would eat anything I want. I think it was getting to the point where I was gorging on food and eating everything and anything in site and taking advantage of the fact that I was working out SO much during the week, ya know? I think I can still have a "cheat" day, I just can't cheat as much.

But it just scares the livin' daylights outta me. I've been doing what I'm doing for 18 months now. It's just scary. I'm just afraid of gaining all my weight back again. I realize that some of the weight gain I'm going to see is muscle, but I just have to keep reminding myself that BJ knows what he's doing and he knows what's best for me.

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