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Thursday, November 17, 2011

But My Bed Is Soooo Comfy...

I swim three days a week. I swim on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At the Rec Center that I workout and swim at, it's easiest to go swimming in the morning. In the evening, there are swim lessons, open plunge, etc., and it's hard to get a lane to do your swimming.

Well, it's REALLY hard for me to get up in the morning to go swimming...especially in the winter time. To get a lane in the pool without having to share with anybody and before the Masters Swim Team and the local high school team invades the pool, you have to be up there and on the pool deck by 5:00 a.m. At 5:00 a.m., I'd much rather be doing this:

Add in the cold weather outside and that makes you REALLY want to stay asleep in your warm, comfy, bed.

Well, I need to get back in a habit of going in the morning. It's SO much easier to go in the morning. Get that portion of your workout done for the day and everything.

Well, this morning, I dragged my ass outta bed at 4:50 a.m. and headed up to the pool. Surprisingly there weren't too many people there yet. There were quite a few lanes available. I was surprised to see that Earl (one of the regulars) wasn't even there waiting to get in the pool.

I got up there just in time this morning. The lifeguards had just taken there seat, which is the queue to us swimmers to hop on in the pool. I didn't have to sit around on the pool deck and wait for the lifeguards.

I dipped my feet in the water before I got in and HOLY CRAP it was freezing!!! Gah!!! It took me a few minutes to get used to the temperature before I could start swimmming.

I always start out each swim with a 200 swim, 200 kick and a 200 pull.

Normally I don't swim on Thursday's, but because I didn't swim yesterday, I'm made up my swim today. So, after my swim/kick/pull, B.J. (my personal trainer) had me do the following workout:

3 x 300 with 45 second rest
3 x 200 with 30 second rest
3 x 100 with 20 second rest

I swim in a 25 yard pool, so 300 yds is 12 lengths of the pool, etc. My goal is to swim each 50 yards in 1 minute or less. I used to be able to do it and can still do it sometimes, but because I haven't been consistent with my weights, I tend to be a little slow in the pool. :(

I did ok this morning in the pool. I kept track of my time for the first 50 yds and then I kinda gave up, just because I knew I wasn't going to reach my goal of 1 minute or less for every 50 yards I swam. My first 50 yds, I swam in 1:03. Not too bad considering I haven't done weights in a while. After my first 300 yds, and I started on my second set of 300 yds, I watched my time for the first 50 yds again, and I swam it in 1:02, so I was ok with that. I was still right around the same time.

By the time I got to my last set of 200 and all of my 100's, I was pretty slow. I knew I was without even looking at the clock. Because I can't do a flip turn, when I get to the edge of the pool, I have to grab the edge of the pool, hurry and turn around and push off the wall. There was a longer pause every time I went to turn and push of the edge. I was getting tired. It's pretty typical for you to slow down though.

I know another thing that would help me with my timing in the pool is if I could do a dang flip turn. I'm SO uncoordinated I can't do a dang flip turn. I've never been able to do a hand-stand in the pool and I've never been able to do a somersault in the pool. Even when I was a little girl. Plus, I'm always afraid to practice because I'm afraid everyone around me (including the lifeguards) or gonna look at me and go "Oh look at that girl who can't do a flip turn tee hee hee." Granted, I'm sure they have better things to worry about, but still.

I did weights tonight and I'll do weights again on Saturday. B.J. likes me to do weights twice a week. Typically on Monday and Wednesday. But, this week, my workouts have been kinda busy and all, so I didn't get my first set of weights in until today. So, then I'll do more weights on Saturday. Hopefully I will start seeing an improvement on my swim time soon.

Now, my swim workout for tomorrow is going to be interesting. B.J. has me doing the 200 swim/kick/pull and then drill 200 on each of the following drills: skate, under skate, shark, stop switch, triple switch, catch up, and finger tip drag.

Before I started swimming I didn't even KNOW they had drills like this. So, I will try and do another post tomorrow night about my swim workout tomorrow night.

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