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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Got My Bike Out Today

Today was the first day in a while I was able to get my bike out and take it for a spin. It was AWESOME!!! It was cold, but it was awesome. It wouldn't have been so cold if I still wasn't wearing my swim suit and my hair was wet from going swimming. Granted, I was wearing sweats and a long sleeved t-shirt too, but it was still chilly.

It was a little harder than I expected. Granted, I've been riding a bike at the gym, but it's not the same as riding a bike out on the road, and with my first triathlon of the season coming up in a little over two months, I need to take my bike out a little more often. The cold doesn't really stop me from taking my bike out, the main thing right now that stops me from taking my bike out is it gets dark too early and the weather has been horrible. But, I don't have lights on my bike, and people don't watch for cyclists out on the road, so it makes me nervous to take my bike out when it's dark.

Anywho, I SO can't wait to take my bike out again.

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