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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Turkey Trot 2009

Here are pictures from my last triathlon of 2009 that was held down in Utah County. It was AWESOME!!! My final time was 1 hour and 28 minutes!!! I beat my best time by 17 minutes!!! I was thrilled!!! This was what they call a "reverse" triathlon. It went in the order of run, bike, swim (my favorite order).

My first triathlon of 2010 will be this exact same triathlon. :)

Me coming in from the run. This is the first triathlon where I was able to jog about 90% of the 3.2 miles. The only reason I couldn't jog the whole 3.2 miles is because part of it was uphill and I wasn't used to running on such an incline.

Me in the background coming in from the bike. This particular triathlon, in order to get the 10.0 miles in on the bike, we had to do 2 "laps"of the route. It was quite difficult as well because part of the course you have to go up 2 VERY steep hills. I, as well as many other participants ended up having to get off their bikes and walk up the hill, but it was AWESOME, there was one person at the top of the hill cheering EVERYBODY on. It made it much easier.

Me dismounting my bike and getting ready to run in to the transition area to go to the swim.

Running as fast as I can in to the transition area to go to the swim.

My parents thought they were getting a picture of me in the pool swimming, but by the time they got in to the rec center to see me swim, I was done. :) I thought this swim would be difficult because I normally swim in a 25 yard pool, and this was, I believe a 50 yard pool, but it wasn't difficult at all.

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