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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

Over the past year since I've started my weight loss journey, I've gotten pretty good at not eating stuff that isn't good for you. However, I still have a craving once in a while, and that's why I give myself one day a week (Saturday) to cheat and eat some unhealthy stuff.

One thing that I crave once in a while is cake with buttercream icing. It is my absolute FAVORITE!!! I just love the taste of it.

Well, this last week at work, it was my co-worker's 10th anniversary, so the company bought her this HUGE sheet cake to share with the department. It was a white sheet cake with strawberry filling and it had white buttercream icing with purple and pink roses.

Normally I would have no problem passing up a piece of cake, or if I chose to have a piece of cake, it would be basically a single bite of the cake, but I was craving the cake. It just looked and smelled sooooo good, but I knew I couldn't have a piece and I wanted a piece really really bad. It made it extra hard to pass up a piece of this cake because the past 2 weeks I hadn't lost any weight, no matter how hard I worked out (see blog post about muscle gain). To top it all off, the cake was sitting on the table literally right next to my desk.

I basically had a melt down at work over a piece of cake. Plus, it didn't help that the next day at work, my department was having a celebration with banana splits because we'd had a rough couple of weeks because we had to cut bonus checks for the entire company and it didn't go very smooth.

I called my dad and spoke with him and basically had a HUGE meltdown at work over a piece of cake, banana splits, and all the goodies we had at work that week that I couldn't have. It didn't help that my co-workers were like "Have an apple (banana, piece of fruit, etc.)". I felt they were comparing having a piece of fruit to having a piece of cake or ice cream. Now don't get me wrong, like I said a post or two ago, I LOVE fruit, but it's not the same as having cake or ice cream. C'mon people...seriously.

Well, come Saturday, my cheat day, I decided to go up to the bakery at the store and buy myself a piece of cake. They usually have chocolate cake, white cake, and german chocolate cake that you can buy just a slice of, but this last Saturday all they had was mint chocolate (not a fan), german chocolate (not a fan) and cookies n cream cake. So, I bought myself a slice of cookies 'n cream cake and went home to eat it.

I got about 1/4 of the way through the piece of cake and it was SO sweet and SO rich, that it made me sick. :( I was so disappointed that the piece of cake made me sick. I think my body has not been used to that much sweet and richness that I tried to eat this big piece of cake that it made me sick.

I don't think I'm going to want a piece of cake for a while.

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