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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Miss My Bike

I miss my bike. :( Lately, when we've had good weather, I've been riding my bike home from work (11.0 miles). With my upcoming triathlons, I decided that before I do much more riding, I better get my bike in for a tune up. I called the bike shop on Saturday to see if I needed an appointment to bring it in and they said no that I could just bring it in and it's on a first come first serve basis and that they are a couple of days out. I thought, ok, no biggie, a couple of days, I'll still be able to ride my bike home on maybe Thursday and Friday. So, I took my bike in and they said it wouldn't be ready until Friday!!!! Eeeek!!!!!!!!! I miss my bike. However, I'm excited that it's in for a tune-up because I'm having them put Mr. Tuffies in the tires so that it's harder to get a flat tire. :)

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