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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Charlie Horses and other stuff

Today, right after work, I went jogging 4.0 miles and then rode my bike home (11.0 miles). It wasn't too bad, the only problem I ran in to (no pun intended. Lol.) was I got a charlie horse in my left leg really bad while pedaling on my ride home! Oh man, it hurt, and the only thing I could do was pedal my way through it and when I could, take my foot out of the pedal cage and kind of stretch. I didn't have much opportunity to do that though 'cause I was in the middle of an intersection and had to keep pedaling.

Also, I don't know what I've done, but on my left leg, it feels like I've bruised part of my muscle or something. It's fairly tender to the touch. When I first start jogging, it aches, but after I've been jogging for a while, the pain isn't as bad. Hmmm...

Last first triathlon of the season is this Saturday! I'm SO excited. I'll definitely post pictures and my finishing time on here. :) I can't wait!

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