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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Best Time Yet

This last Saturday, 11/6/10, was my last triathlon of the season. It was down in Orem, UT. I've done this triathlon 2 times before.

I woke up bright and early Saturday morning and had a couple of pieces of toast and yogurt and me and my dad got on the road to make the 45 minute drive down to Orem. As we were driving down there, I felt like I'd forgotten something, but I couldn't figure out what.

We got down to the Orem Rec. Center and I'm walking my bike over to the transition area to put my bike there and guess what I forgot? My helmet!!! Damn!!! I started freakin' out. Cuss words were flying out of my mouth cause if you don't have a helmet, you don't get to leave the transition area on your bike, therefore, you don't get to race.

Thankfully, some guy heard me going off about this and he told me he had an extra helmet I could borrow! Thank God!!!

This triathlon is done in the run-bike-swim order (my favorite). The run is kind of hard, but it's not too bad. You have to run up a medium sized hill. I knew I could do it. Come to find out, I ran a 9:36 mile! I've never run that fast before in my life! I was ECSTATIC!!!

This particular triathlon is a little bit harder because you have to climb 2 HUGE hills on your bike. I've NEVER been able to climb the hills on my bike before. I've always had to get off and walk my bike up the hills, but this time I was able to stay on my bike the whole time! I was SO excited.

It was AWESOME because during the bike when you're climbing the hills, everybody is cheering everybody on. Your fellow bikers are giving you words of encouragment, it's just awesome. I love it.

On this particular triathlon, you have to do a total of 2 laps on your bike to complete your 10 miles. I was doing really good. I didn't know what my time was, but I felt like I was doing good. I was able to climb the hills on my bike both times and I was on the home stretch. I was about 2 1/2 blocks away from the transition area and being able to go swim, and I was downshifting on my bike chain fell off!!! CRAP!!! I got off my bike and for a brief second I thought I'd try & figure out how to put my chain back on, but figured that would be a waste of time, so I just grabbed my bike and started running. While I was running back to transition I just kept thinking, if I was ahead of time, I wasn't any more. I thought I'd be lucky if I finished in 1:30.

So, I finally make it back to transition, hurry and take off my shoes and put my goggles on and book it over to the pool (about 50 yds away). As I'm running over to the pool, I realize I still have my tank top on, so I just yank that sucker off and throw it on the grass. I jumped in the pool and I was bookin' it.

I finally crossed the finish line!! Yay! I was going to stick around and see what my time was, but it wasn't posted yet and I was tired, hungry and wanted to get home, so I looked up my time on the internet later that day and it was....1:24:57!!! It was 30 seconds faster than my best time! Can you believe what my time would've been if my chain hadn't fallen off!!! I was SO happy!!! What a great day!

Me before the race:

Here is the start of the run:

Coming in from the run and heading to transition:

Heading out on the bike:


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