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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Look What I Got!!!

Look what my co-worker gave me!!! They are cycling shoes for specific cycling pedals. These shoes have clips on the bottom so you can clip in to your pedals so your feet don't slip or anything like that. I've REALLY wanted to get these shoes and pedals, but they are SUPER expensive. These shoes can range anywhere from $60-$200, and my co-worker GAVE these shoes to me. Now I just need to get the pedals (about $90).

Since I can't afford the pedals right now, when I've been going up to the gym to ride a bike, I take the shoes and I can clip in to the pedals at the gym.

The tricky thing about these shoes/pedals is to get out of the pedals, you have to twist your foot/ankle to unclip. That's a little tricky because, as you might know, about 5 years ago, I broke my left leg and ankle. I'm getting better at it, but the first time I had to get these shoes out of the pedals, I could barely get my ankle to turn far enough. The more I practice, the better I'll get though.

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