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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bountiful Triathlon

Yesterday I competed in the Bountiful Triathlon. In 2009, this is the first triathlon I ever competed in, so it was kind of special for it to be my second time competing in this triathlon. I felt well seasoned and everything. :) This is one of my favorite triathlons to do because it is in reverse order. You do it as a run-bike-swim. I was quite nervous because I was just getting over a cold and hadn't been able to workout for 3 days. I did pretty well though.

My final time was 1:33:02.6. Overall, I came in 225th out of 300+, I came in 92nd in my gender, and 21st in my divsion. It's not my best time, but considering that I had a cold earlier in the week and hadn't worked out in 3 days, I figure I did pretty good. :)

In a way this race was ALOT of fun to do, but in a way, it was disappointing. I shouldn't say the race was disappointing, because it wasn't, but (for lack of better words), my fans were disappointing.

Let me preface this by saying when you compete in a triathlon, at least for me, alot of it is mental. No matter how many triathlons I've done, I still get nervous before each one and I still have to remind myself constantly that I can do this. During the run, I kept telling myself that I can do this. I've done this plenty of times before and I've jogged even further than 3 miles before. I had to do the same thing while I was on my bike. One thing that definitely helps is people cheering you on. It helps with your mind set and it pushes you even harder.

Well, yesterday in the triathlon, my dad wasn't able to be there 'cause he had to work, but my mom was there and so was my grandma and grandpa. My brother and sister-in-law said they'd try and make it, but weren't sure if they'd be able to.

I asked my mom to please take pictures, or have someone take pictures because this is my one year anniversary of competing in triathlons.

No cheering took place at all and hardly any pictures were taken. The pictures that were taken were taken before and after the race, not during the race. No pictures taken of me running, and no pictures taken of me cycling or swimming. My mom said that they saw me running, but they didn't see me biking or swimming. I didn't see them because I was in "the zone", but I knew when I was coming near where they would be and I knew I was the only person competing at that time. I wasn't in a big crowd or anything.

It hurts to hear other people being cheered on by their family members and knowing that you have family members out there but they aren't cheering you on because they didn't see you. are the whopping 5 pictures that were taken from the race:

This is me right before the race.

My mom wanted a picture of me that looked like I was running. I don't know why, but here it is.

The transition area.

Me packing up my stuff & getting ready to ride home.

The race is over and I'm headed home.

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