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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Layton Rinse, Ride, Run, Repeat Triathlon

Yesterday I competed in the Layton City Rinse, Ride, Run, Repeat Triathlon. It was a little different than all the other triathlon's I've competed in. All of my other triathlons, I've only had to swim anywhere from 300-400 yds in the pool, but yesterday, I had to swim 600 yds (24 laps). Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, but add in running a total of 3.1 miles and biking a total of 11 miles, that makes it a little harder.

So, yesterday, it started out swimming 12 laps in the pool, then ride my bike 5.5 miles, then run 1.55 miles, then get back in the pool and swim another 12 laps, ride another 5.5 miles and then run another 1.55 miles, then cross the finish line.

I was able to pass someone up in the pool the first time around, and for some reason, that made me really tired. But the second time I got in the pool, I had to slow myself down. I was starting to get really tired. Normally I don't get too tired doing these races, but yesterday I did.

My final time was 1:49:16.6. I was slower than normal, but my pace was pretty good and it was slower because it was a little longer. are some pictures.

This is me shortly before the race started.

Me swimming in the pool the first time.

Running from the pool to the bike.

Me on the bike the first time around.

Me running the second time. I was starting to get really tired.

You can see more pictures on my Facebook page.

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