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Friday, October 14, 2011

2012 Racing Partner

In 2012, I just might have a racing partner for 2 of my races, and it comes in the form of my now 4 year old nephew Cooper.

(This pic was taken in July 2010)

Cooper LOVES sports. He's REALLY good at them too. He has his own set of golf clubs, and hits the golf ball farther than his grandpa sometimes. He plays baseball, loves to play basketball, everything.

Earlier this year I did the Utah Tour de Donut and had a BLAST!!! You should totally consider doing it next year. Well, after the Tour de Donut, I was talking to Cooper about it. He LOVES to ride his bike with his mom. I asked Cooper if he wanted to do it with me next year and he said yes (this was back in July when we had this conversation). He told me he could eat a whole box of donuts (the kid probably could).

Then, after the Dirty Dash in September, I asked Cooper if he wanted to do the 5k with me next year and play in the mud and get dirty and of course he said yes.

Well, I thought absolutely nothing of it after that. I mean, he's 4 years old, he won't remember. Well, when they came over for my birthday, Cooper came up to me and asked me if he could still race with me next year. Lol. It TOTALLY made my day! I couldn't believe he remembered the conversations we had 1 and 3 months ago. I told Cooper he could do the races with me next year if his mom and dad would let him.

I sure hope they let him race with me. I think it would be a ton of fun.

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