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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How Do They Afford It?

I read one blog of a gal up in Oregon that does triathlons. She is SUPER enspiring. So far this year she's don IMCdL, she did Augusta 70.3 and she's getting ready to do IMAZ.

It's not just her that does alot of Ironman's. My personal trainer did IMSG this year (he always does) and he qualified for KONA, so he went over to KONA too. Plus he did a bunch of Olympic distance triathlon's.

I've looked to see how much registration fees are for an Ironman and they are EXPENSIVE!!! If I remember correctly, they are close to $600...for one race!!! HOLY CRAP!!! Granted, it's worth it. It's definitely worth it when you cross that finish line and hear that YOU are an Ironman.

But good grief, how do people afford to do multiple Ironman's in a year? I wish I had the money to do a couple of Ironman's a year AND have the money for the traveling expenses too.

Next year, all I'm going to do are Olympic distance triathlons (with the exception of a full marathon and the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay) and Olympic distance triathlons are expensive. They're usually around $70-80 a race. I'm definitely having to scale back how many races I do.

The year that I do my Ironman, unless I strike it rich between now and then and win the lottery, that will be THE ONLY race I do that year.

I just don't get how people have the $$$ to do all these races. I guess they all have better jobs than I do and make more money. :)

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