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Monday, September 6, 2010

SDRC Labor Day Triathlon

Today was the 2nd annual SDRC Labor Day Triathlon. This is the second year I've competed in the triathlon. It's in the order of swim-bike-run. With all my triathlon's this year and the 3 I did last year, I was much better prepared for the triathlon this year than I was last year. When I did this triathlon last year, it was only the second triathlon I ever did.

The triathlon went pretty well. I feel like I could've done a little bit better. My final time was 1:35:10.4

I started to get really discouraged on the bike because I was counting all the people that were passing me and how many people I was passing. 24 people passed me on the bike, and I only passed 2 people. That really upset me. I just feel like by now, with all the triathlons I've done, I should be doing better than that. My average speed on the bike was about 15.2 mph.

The run wasn't too bad. The only thing I don't like about the swim-bike-run is by the time I get to the run, I'm getting tired, so it makes the run a little harder to do. But I did the run with an 11 minute mile. Not as bad as I thought.

My time on this triathlon is about average for all of my times this season, I just feel like after doing as many triathlons as I've done (3 last year and 6 this year so far), I should be doing a little better than what I am.

Oh well, at least I didn't finish last! :) Now, here are some pictures:

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