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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shin Splint Update

I thought I'd give you a quick update on my shin splints. They are doing REALLY well. I'm so happy.

There are times where my shin splints ache, but as long as I keep them taped up, I'm doing really well.

I'm glad I took the 2 weeks off of completely exercising. I think that's helping them to heal a little faster.

I spent this last weekend down in Moab (another blog post to come regarding Moab) and I went on 2 hikes (one was kind of strenous) and there were times where my shins were aching a little bit, but over all, I did great. There were a couple of times down in Moab, where I was able to jog a little bit and it didn't even hurt!

Starting tomorrow morning, I am getting back in to exercising. I'm going to be going swimming every morning and then I won't be doing the treadmill, but I will be doing the eliptical trainer and I'm going to ease back in to running.

I've got a race coming up in 12 days and I will make sure I'm all taped up for that race and hopefully it'll be a good season with no more injuries.

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