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Thursday, March 3, 2011

So Incredibly Frustrated

Today has not been a good day as far as my workouts are concerned.

It seems like my swim time has taken a complete nose dive (no pun intended). Today my swim workout was:

200 swim, 200 kick, drills
4 x 100 with 30 sec rest
200 pull
4 x 100 with 30 sec rest
200 pull

My first 100 yds after my drill I was able to swim it in 1:59. I was really excited. I just wanted to be able to swim my other 3 - 100's in 2:00 or less. Well, it went downhill since. I never swam in less than 2:03. There were times where my 100 yds took me 2:05-2:10 to swim!

That is horrible timing when considering one week ago, I was able to swim each 100 yds in 2:00.

I just don't understand why my swim time can't be consistent.

After I got done swimming tonight I went upstairs to do 1 hour on a spinning bike, but I only lasted 15 minutes on the bike. I was just so spent from swimming 2000 yds that I just couldn't do it.

I was so frustrated that I couldn't do it because in August, I have to be able to swim 0.94 miles, ride 24 miles and run 6.2 miles. I kept trying to tell myself that when I do that triathlon in August I'll have energy beans and gu to keep me pumped up and I didn't have that tonight, but it's still frustrating. Especially since I know I can swim 2000 yds and then run 6.2 miles.

I'm going to try and blow this one off to the fact that the spinning bike I was on was SO uncomfortable because I couldn't adjust the seat. The gym I go to, it's nice because that's where my personal trainer is at and they have a pool, raquetball courts, basketball courts, and indoor track, weight room, ice rink, everything. But...the equipment they have...SUCKS!!! They just don't seem to take care of it very well.

I just can't wait to meet with my personal trainer next week and maybe he can give me tips on my swimming and why it's so hard for me to go straight from swimming to biking, etc.

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