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Friday, August 5, 2011

City Creek Canyon Ride

This last Wednesday, after work, my boss & I decided to ride our bikes up to the top of City Creek Canyon. From where we parked to the top it was 7.1 miles.

I've ran up part of City Creek Canyon before, and I've been riding hills now for a little while, but I wasn't prepared for how hard this ride was.

First off, I made the mistake of having a Diet Dr. Pepper earlier that morning. I don't drink carbonation during the week, but I didn't have to swim that morning and I had a killer headache. I figured if I drank enough water after having the Diet Dr. Pepper, I'd be fine.

Well, 1 mile in to the ride I could tell that I'd had carbonation that morning. I was starting to huff and puff, and the worst of the ride was yet to come.

My boss is a much better biker than I am and made it up to the top about 5 minutes before I made it up there.

But, I only had to stop once to catch my breath and it was about 1/2 mile from the top. I had just climbed a HUGE hill and was huffing and puffing and looked ahead and there was another huge hill, so I pulled over and stopped for a second; however, I do have to say...I wasn't the slowest biker riding the canyon, I passed two people riding up the canyon.

Of course, coming down the canyon was a piece of cake! It was all downhill. I loved it! My arms and neck got a little tired from hunching over and braking so much, but it was awesome! I loved it!

I can't wait to ride the canyon again. I think I'm going to ride the canyon once a week and then ride my bike home. :) If anybody ever wants to join me on the ride, you're more than welcome.

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