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Monday, August 1, 2011

My Longest Run

Tonight I ran the farthest I've ever run before. I ran 14.1 miles. I want to do a full marathon next year so I'm trying to train for it now so that next year it won't be a shock to my body when I start cramming for a full marathon. Plus, I'm running the Epic Relay in 2 weeks and I have to run a total of 16.5 miles, so I'm trying to get long distances in. So far, the longest I've ever run is 13.1 miles (1/2 marathon).

Tonight I was kind of excited because it was raining outside and so I thought the run would be a pretty cool (weather wise) run. I made sure I was fully hydrated for this run, unlike last week.

This was a VERY humid run. The rain was not a cool rain, it was very humid. But I did it.

I ran 8 miles and then stopped off at home to refill my water bottle and then I ran 6 more miles. I ran about an 11:00/min pace, so at least I'm consistent with my running speed.

I'm in SO much pain though. My left hip and both of my knees hurt SO bad. When I finally got home from running the 14 miles, it hurt to step up in to the house. I've taken Excedrin for the pain, but it still hasn't touched it. I've got a headache too. You would think running 1 extra mile than you've ever run before wouldn't be too much, but it has caused me great pain. Don't think this will stop me from running longer distances though, 'cause it won't. Next week...15 miles!

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