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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Dread Them

I LOVE to do cardio. Make me run on a treadmill and ride a bike & swim all day long and I can do it. But...make me do weights & my core workout for 30 minutes every other day & I dread it!

I don't know the names of all of the weights I do and machines I do, but I know it takes me about 30 minutes and that includes doing my 20-25 reps of viscious v's, 1 min of the Russian twist, 1 min of the bicycle (not the machine), 1 min of the plank and 20-25 in & out's.

I suck it up & I do all of this any ways because I know in the long run (no pun intended) it will make me a faster, stronger athlete.

But...why do I hate it so much?

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