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Monday, April 4, 2011

4th Street Clinic Tri

Not my next triathlon, but the triathlon after that is the 4th Street Clinic Triathlon. This triathlon goes to benefit the 4th Street Clinic in Salt Lake City. The clinic is for the homeless people and the peopl at The Road Home Shelter.

I signed up for this triathlon because it was one I hadn't done before and it was right in town.

Today I decided to look up the triathlon to look at the route and everything and come to find out, this is a mountain biking triathlon!!! HOLY CRAP!!! I don't know how to mountain bike! The mountain bike I have is a $70 mountain bike from Wal-Mart! I swear when I signed up for this triathlon, it said NOTHING about it being a mountain biking one.

Thankfully, my boss at work is in to serious mountain biking. She's biked the trail that we have to bike on and she said it's not too bad. Hopefully my bike will be able to handle it.

This isn't even a Sprint triathlon. We are swimming 350 meters, bike 5.28 miles and run 3.1 miles. I'm kind of bummed. If I knew this was a mountain biking triathlon and it wasn't a full sprint triathlon, I probably wouldn't have signed up for the race.

I've always wanted to get in to mountain biking though. I guess here's my chance. :)


Joseph said...

Proceeds from the triathlon just benefit Fourth Street Clinic, providing health care services to homeless Utahns. The Road Home is the local shelter, and are not a part of this event. The tie is that the event has been coordinated by medical students at the University for 11 years now--amazing people!!

It's just under a sprint distance triathlon, mainly due to limitations around the University, but don't let that fool you. It's fun and challenging! Good Luck!

Ara said...

Good to know. Thank you for clearing that up. I just hope my little $70 mountain bike will be ok in this race.