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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Favorite Running Quote

On Facebook, I am a "fan" of a group called I <3 to Run. They posted an inspiring quote today from one of their other fans and I fell in love with the quote. It seriously made me cry. I want to remember this quote forever.

I run for alone time. I run to get over the stress from work. I argue with God while I run. I imagine I’m leaving everything behind. I’m challenging myself. I’m making my mind the boss of my body. I’m enjoying the breeze when I’m overheated. I’m marveling at the snowfall and saddened that everyone else is missing it. I run to relax. I run when it hurts down deep. I listen to God while I run. I run to make me strong. I run because it makes me a better husband and father. I run to clear my mind and emotions. Running builds muscle, resolve, and focus. That’s why I run.

- Ken Clouser ('I <3 to run' fan)

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Jena said...

I love this quote, love every word. Thanks for sharing!