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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Night Swim

Tonight I went swimming and I swear to you, I will NEVER go swimming again on a Wednesday night. If I don't go swimming Wednesday morning, I'm gonna forfit swimming for the day. It's just not worth it.

I was going to go swimming this morning, but the suction on my goggles was shot. I had my dad go buy me new goggles this afternoon.

At the rec center I go to, they normally have 4-6 lanes available for lap swimming in the evening. Tonight they has 2. Yes, 2. The other lanes were filled up with these blow up toys that people could play with. These toys were HUGE!!! There was approximately 3-4 people per lane. Oh, then you have to add in that it seemed like all the Scouts in the South Davis area were there and they wanted to swim to get their merit badges. Gah!

I don't mind swimming with multiple people per lane if they know how to swim that way (circle swim, or 2 people per lane), but most people aren't aware of pool eticate.

The blow up toys were constantly coming over in to the 2 lanes we had for lap swimming and kids were playing in the lap swimming lanes as well.

I was SO glad when I got my 80 laps in and I was able to get out of the pool.

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