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Monday, January 31, 2011

I've Still Got It!

Sunday I was supposed to get up and go run 6 miles. I really wanted to run outside but the air quality here in Utah has been HORRIBLE lately, so that was out of the question. Well, I just couldn't manage to get my butt outta bed to go to the gym to run 6 miles.

Monday, I would've normally run just 4 miles, but since I didn't run 6 miles on Sunday, I had to run a total of 10 miles.

I was kind of concerned about this. I haven't run that long of a distance since October 2010.

I'm kind of impressed with myself. I was able to run 10.1 miles without stopping to walk. Granted, I had to stop for 2 potty breaks, but otherwise, I was able to run the 10 miles! Yay!

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