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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Open Water Swimming

My first open water swim triathlon is rapidly approaching on August 20th and I'm scared out of my pants!!!

I don't know why, but ever since I was little I've been scared of open water. I even have a picture in one of my scrapbooks of me sitting on the beach in California just crying because I was scared of the ocean.

I signed up for my first open water swim clinic back in May and I had bought a wetsuit, but stupid me, I forgot to try the wetsuit on when I first bought it. The day of the clinic, I try on my wetsuit...yeah, it doesn't fit!!! Crap! So, I wasn't able to go to that clinic.

I then heard about a clinic that was going to be this last Wednesday at the lake that my triathlon is at. I thought sweet!!! The day before the clinic, I go and rent a wetsuit ($40) and I get 1/2 day off work the next day so I have time to get the rest of my workout in and then head up to the lake. The day of the clinic, I find out it's been cancelled!!!! Argh!!! I'm SUPER frustrated.

They said they're going to try & reschedule the clinic for this upcoming Saturday. Well that sucks! I've got a triathlon this Saturday.

I don't really feel like I can go open water swimming by myself. It's just not safe to do.

I get the feeling that my first experience with open water swimming is going to be the day of my triathlon. That does not do me good for my anxiety.

So, if you have any tips on open water swimming for me, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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