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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tsunami Triathlon

This latest triathlon that I did yesterday, it was a spur of the moment triathlon. I haven't done a triathlon since the end of May and my next triathlon isn't until July 9th, so I decided to sign up for the Tsunami Triathlon at the SDRC that I competed in yesterday.

I was really nervous about this triathlon because I hardly trained at all this week because I just got done doing the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay and I was EXHAUSTED from that, so I didn't train hardly at all.

Considering I trained maybe twice this last week, my triathlon wasn't too bad. My final time was 1:29:04. I came in 6th in my age division, so it wasn't too bad.

The swim was pretty good. I swam 350 yards in 8:30. Granted, I need to be able to knock that time down by about 1:30, but with no training this week, I'm pleased with 8:30. I killed 5 people in the swim, so that made me feel pretty good.

It was kind of cool. As I was walking in to the pool area before the swim started, I saw one of the swim coaches and he recognized me. We both said hi to each other & then he proceeded to tell people that I was going to kill it because he sees me at the pool every day and I'm doing really well.

Then during the swim about lap # 4, he got right down by the edge of the pool and was cheering me on "You're doing great! Hussle, hussle! Keep it up!". I don't know if he did that for anybody else, but it made me feel special. He did the same as I was getting out of the pool too.

While I was swimming I swallowed a lot of air, because as I was running to T1 I let out this HUGE belch! Then I was like "excuse me". It was kind of funny because then off to the side I heard someone say "Awesome! That's a true swimmer right there!". Every time I belched yesterday it made me think of that & I laughed.

The bike wasn't too bad. It took me about 43 minutes to ride 12 miles. It was a different route than what I'm used to, so that threw me off a little bit, but I did pretty good. It wasn't windy at all, so I was able to keep my speed up. I really need to get clips as pedals so I can just clip in & shave a little time off my T1 and go faster too.

The run was rough. I was just slow. It took me 35 minutes to run 3.1 miles. I'm not too happy with that, but I know it gives me room to improve. My legs were just tired because I really pushed myself on the bike, so I was just slow, but hey, I finished!

So, overall, this was a good race. I'm not disappointed with my time. It gives me room to improve.

What I really liked about this race is it shows me that after a race like the Ragnar, I can bounce back just fine and do a race the next week. I've been concerned about this because I'm doing the Epic Relay in August and the very next week I have my Olympic distance triathlon. This race yesterday proved to me that I know I'll be able to do that race and be ok.

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