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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Shoes

Saturday I went out and bought new running shoes. I went to Salt Lake Running Co. This is an awesome store to go to. If it's your first time at the store, they'll put you on a treadmill and record you running for 30-45 seconds and analyze how you run and then put you in the correct shoe for your running style.

Up until now, I've only worn Saucony brand running shoes. I've LOVED that brand. But this time, when I went in to the store, BJ (yes, my personal trainer. He also works at Salt Lake Running Co) handed me a pair of Saucony's and then he handed me these Asics.

There are 2 reasons I went with the Asics. (1) the Saucony's were too big. They were an 8 1/2 and I wear a size 8. (2) The Asics are just WAY better. They just have better arch support and everything.

I even bought a pair of running socks. I didn't think you really needed running socks, but after tonight, I'm convinced that running socks are a necessity. I will be going back to Salt Lake Running Co soon and buying more than one pair. Lol. The running socks I bought have extra cushion on the bottom of the sock and then they have a lighter fabric on top that helps breathe so your feet don't get wet from the sweat, therefore preventing blisters.

Tonight I ran in my new socks and shoes for the first time and I am IN LOVE!!! They were SO insanely comfortable! I ran 7 miles and it was like running those 7 miles on big white fluffy clouds!

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