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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cache Valley Super Sprint Tri

This last Saturday was my latest triathlon. It was up in Logan and it was the Cache Valley Super Sprint Triathlon. It was alot of fun. It was hard for me though.

Why was it hard? I'd been sick all week and hadn't been able to workout. I've always been told that when you're sick, you need to just rest and let your body recover. Once you're over being sick, then you can pick back up on your workouts.

So, I was taking cold medicine and Zicam all week and finally Friday morning I felt really good. So that was the first day I worked out that week and my triathlon was the next morning.

I got up to Logan and we left a little late so I got a pretty crappy transition spot. I always like to be on the end of a row in the transition area and I was lucky to even find a spot.

A girl that I communicate with on Facebook (Lyndsey) lives up in Logan and she does triathlon's. She told me that the course was pretty flat and it was a quick course. I was looking forward to it.

We started out with the swim and I could tell the swim was taking me longer. I could just feel that I wasn't swimming my "a" game. I finally hop out of the pool and head to T1.

My T1 was pretty fast. It was like 1:26. That's one of the fastest T1's I've had, especially considering you gotta get your shoes on, put your helmet on, put your number on and put your sunglasses on, unrack your bike & run out of transition. The only thing I know about the bike course is that there is about 100 yds that we have to ride through and it's all construction. The race director advised us to either get off our bikes and walk that 100 yds or ride VERY slow through the construction area. I chose to just ride pretty slow through the area and it wasn't too bad. There were some very mild hills on the ride, but it wasn't too bad. For some reason though, I was just riding VERY slow. I was really disappointed. At one point on the ride I remember cursing and crying because so many people were passing me. I just don't understand why I ride so slow. I don't get it. The ride was an out and back ride where we had to ride out 6.25 miles and then ride back 6.25 miles. We rode out SO far I swear we were going to ride our bikes in to Brigham City. Lol. I saw parts of Logan I'd never seen before. It was honestly, just a bunch of farm land. It was pretty cool. The ride back to T2 was pretty quick. It seemed pretty quick.

I got back to T2 and my T2 time was AWESOME...if I say so myself. I hopped off my bike, grabbed a different water bottle and headed out on the run. The run was an out and back...twice. We had to run out 0.75 and run back 0.75 twice. It was originally just going to be a 3.0 mile loop, but part of the course was flooded & the race director said that if they would have kept the original course, we would end up swimming, biking, running and then swimming again there was so much water. run started out good. I felt like I started out pretty strong. I was actually about to keep right about a 10 minute pace, which I'm pleased about.

My final time on this race was 1:40:00.09. I was quite disappointed with my time. That is my 2nd to worst time. My worst time was my very first triathlon, but I actually don't even consider that my worst time because it was my VERY first triathlon.

But as we were driving home from the race, I saw an article on Twitter that helped me because it talked about what if you have a bad race. I gave myself time to be upset about the race, but then when I got home, I wasn't allowed to be upset with my time any more. And that's exactly what I did.

It was nice though, before we left Logan, we went and got ourselves some Aggie Ice Cream and the ice cream store on campus. It was DELICIOUS!!! I think I'm going to have to make that a tradition.

P.S. I'm not posting any pictures on this race because I look like a fatty in all the pictures. For some reason, whenever I can't workout, I lose ALL self control and eat whatever I want as much as I want.

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