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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Legacy 1/2 Marathon & Tour de Donut

Last weekend was an AWESOME weekend. Last Friday night I got to do my first race with my friend Christy G. We were actually supposed to do the Canyonlands 1/2 Marathon in March together, but I got shin splints really bad and wasn't able to run it, so this was our first race together.

It started out Friday night at 10:00 p.m. when we did the Legacy Midnight 1/2 Marathon together. It was a fun race. My final time was 2:20:54. I wish I could've been faster, but considering I hadn't trained at all the week before because I had been sick, I figure that's a pretty good time.

It was actually a pretty easy run for me. I was surprised. I kept a good pace while running it. I actually felt kind of cool because at around mile 7, this couple used me as their pacer for a little bit. :D

Around mile 6 I had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad. But there was NO way I was going to stop at one of the aid stations to use the porta potty (for a couple of reasons). It's dark in the porta potties AND, I didn't want to waste time. Also, for some reason, around mile 3, my hip started to hurt. That's never happened before. I found it kind of odd. But, because of that, I found a new mantra to run to that helps keep pace. It is "No pain, no gain" and you take a step for each "no pain" and a step for each "no gain".

My dad was at mile 7 to cheer me on and then he was at the finish line ringing the cowbell to keep pushing me.

One of the down sides of the race...they only had HOT water at the aid stations. Seriously. My boss who ran the race as well overheard one of the volunteers say that the water jugs had been sitting at the aid stations since about Noon that day!!! WTF?

Then at the finish line, they had run out or misplaced the finishers medals. The race seemed pretty disorganized. I wasn't too pleased.

Oh well, the race is over. I still had fun.

Now, after 4 hours of sleep, I got up and drove out to Sandy and met my boss and we met up with Christy & her uncle James in American Fork and did the Tour de Donut!

OMG...the Tour de Donut is SO much fun!!! I am going to make it a yearly tradition. It's a charity ride. You ride a 7 mile loop on your bike. Stop, eat as many donuts as you can, repeat the 7 mile loop, eat as many donuts as you can and then ride the 7 mile loop to the finish line. For each donut you eat, 3 minutes is taken off of your final time.

It was awesome because at first, they did a silent ride for any bike riders hurt or killed while on their bike. Then the race started. It was super easy. It was a flat course.

Christy & James took off and me & Sylvia were just taking it easy. We finished the first 7 miles and Christy ate 4 donuts and James at 5 donuts. Sylvia and I ate 1 donut. Lol. On the first 7 miles I almots wiped out on a gravel gutter. That was no fun.

On the second loop, I decided to eat 2 donuts. I had to literally choke down the 2nd donut. It was just SO sweet and riding after eating bueno. Sylvia only ate 1 donut, James could only eat 1 donut and Christy ate 2 donuts.

There was one guy there who ate 18 donuts!!! OMG, I would've barfed!!! It was SO fun though. If I hadn't done a 1/2 marathon the night before, I would have totally gone "balls to the walls" and rode as hard and fast as I could and I easily could've eaten probably a dozen donuts (you're talking to a former fat girl here).

After the race was over, then some of the race officials were walking around handing out chocolate caked donuts. I thought I'd barf at the site of another donut, but James, he was awesome! He grabbed one and ate it!

It was such a fun race! I so can't wait to do it again next year.

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