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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Finally Went Open Water Swimming

I finally went open water swimming. It was scary at first. I'm not gonna lie. My dad went with me. I was supposed to go camping this weekend up at Jordanelle, but I ended up not being able to camp and I had already rented my wetsuit. This time I wasn't going to NOT use my wetsuit.

So, this morning, me and my dad went up to Jordanelle and I went open water swimming. At first I was VERY hesitant. I didn't know what to expect or anything like that.

Slowly I went farther and farther out in the water so that I was just treading water and then I just turned on to my belly and swam out to the booey.

The first time I swam out towards the booey (about 50 yds), I only swam about 1/2 way out. I had alot of trouble with my breathing and I could feel my body trying to panic, but then with each time I swam out towards the booey, I went a little farther and I got a little more comfortable being in the water.

The last time I swam out to the booey, I actually decided to swim beyond the booey. I only swam about 10 yds beyond the booey, but still, 10 yds is 10 yds, you know? On that last swim, I was actually starting to feel pretty comfortable in the water, but it was time to go. :(

I can't wait to go back up & swim again so I can get even more comfortable. The next time will probably be the day before my triathlon though.

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