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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Running Issues

I've been having serious running issues lately. I can do distance running, but my running pace SUCKS!!!

I've been running a 10 minute mile, if not a little longer. The other night after I rode my bike 22 miles, I went and ran 4 miles and it was at a 12 minute mile. Today I did my long run of 11 miles and it took me 2:06:00. What is my problem? I've been able to run faster than a 10 minute mile before.

Well, I figured out that part of my problem is my running shoes. They are CRAPPY!!! They are old and worn. I've put alot of miles on them. It was starting to hurt when I was running and I really hope this is the main reason why I've been running so slow. I went out and bought new running shoes. Of course I went to Salt Lake Running Co. I love that store! The people there are SUPER helpful and don't treat me like I'm a complete moron. So I walked out of there with these shoes:

They are a pair of Brooks running shoes. I've never had a pair of Brooks before. I've had Saucony and I've had Asics and I've liked those and but this time, I got a pair of Brooks.

The guy at SLRC put me on the treadmill and analyzed my running and I tried on 4 different pair of shoes and these were the winner. They've got awesome cushioning and support in the arch and in the ball of my foot. Plus, I will put an insert in my shoe that helps with the support as well.

I can't wait to break in these shoes and see if it helps my running.

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