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Friday, May 6, 2011

26.2 Miles & 1245 Calories Gives Me...

Tonight I went out for a bike ride. The only limit I gave myself was daylight. I would stay out as long as I had daylight.

Well, my bike I had other plans for me. Around mile 25.5, I got a flat tire. So...26.1 miles + 1245 calories = a flat tire. Boo.

I wanted to go further than 26.1 miles 'cause I knew I still had a couple of miles of daylight left, but I was barely able to ride my bike home on the flat tire.

I LOVED being outside on my bike though. I LOVED it!!!

So...this weekend I'm going to attempt to change the tube in my bike all by myself. If not...I know my dad can do it. :)

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