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Monday, May 2, 2011

First Day Back

Today was my first day back to eating healthy and working out. Honestly, it feels like it's been weeks since I've worked out, but I did workout a couple of days last week.

I was concerned today because I didn't get up to go swimming this morning. I didn't get to bed until 1:30 a.m. and I have to get up at 4:30 a.m. to go swimming. I can go swimming on 4 hours of sleep, but getting 3 hours of sleep and then trying to tell your body that 4:30 a.m. is ok to get up to go swim a little over a mile, yeah, that doesn't go over too well.

So, yeah, I was concerned that I'd just eat anything and everything in sight at work today since I didn't workout.

I feel like I did pretty good. I ate breakfast at work, so I had 2 pieces of cinnamon raisin toast with butter and a yogurt and fresh fruit.

I didn't snack at all between breakfast and lunch. Finally lunch came and I had an easy mac & cheese (220 calories) and a salad. I decided to splurge a little bit and I had a tapioca pudding and then I bought a banana for a snack later.

After lunch, I got back up to my desk and someone had pulled some baby carrots out of the fridge and put them out for everybody to snack on! Yay!!! Something I can snack on.

I was really hungry around 4:00 so I had my dinner, which was only 220 calories and it was a microwave pasta thing. The packaging makes it look not too appetising, but it was REALLY good.

I came home and ate 2 oranges and then went straight to the gym. I did 4.4 miles on the eliptical trainer and then did 25 miles on the spinning bike. I went downstairs to go swimming, but every stinkin' changing room was taken. As soon as one changing room was taken, I was getting ready to head in to it, and some lady beat me to it. :( Unfortunately, I'm not like other ladies at the gym and I don't like to bare all out in the open to change my clothes. So...I didn't swim tonight.

My plan tomorrow is to get up at 4:30, go swimming, come home and then swim again (to make up for today) and then bike and run and do weights.

It feels so good to be back on the wagon. :)

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