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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Running After the Race

Yesterday, I had my Splash & Sprint Triathlon, but then right after the race, I had to head inside and run 4 more miles on a treadmill. Why might you ask? I've got a 1/2 marathon coming up in about 6 weeks that I need to prepare for. I need to get my long runs in on the weekend. I needed to run 7 miles yesterday.

Those 4 miles on the treadmill felt like hell. But you wanna know something? I secretly enjoyed it. Why? It gave me the satisfaction of knowing I can run 7 miles.

Something else that excites me? Because I ran 7 miles along with biking 12 miles and swimming 350 yds, I pushed myself beyond what I normally do (a good thing) and it made me kind of sick. Granted part of the sick was because I'm on new medication for my depression (a whole different story), but I think I was kind of dehydrated too. I'm not sure why. I made sure I drank water on the bike and run.

I've always wanted to feel sick from working out. I know this sounds weird, but I've always wanted it. Why? It makes me feel like a real athlete.

Weird, I know. So, yeah, I'm kind of excited about that. This next Saturday, I have another triathlon. When I get home from that triathlon (it's about 1 hour away), I need to go up to the gym and run 5 miles. :) I will however prepare myself better and drink some gatorade or something on my way home from the triathlon.

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