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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ironman St. George 2011

Yesterday, May 7, 2011 was the Ironman St. George (IMSG). My personal trainer, B.J., competes in it every year in hopes of qualifying to go to Kona, HI for the Ironman National Championships.

I was supposed to volunteer at the IMSG this year, but when it came down to it, I wasn't able to afford to go. :( I was really sad because it would've been so inspiring. I was thinking of all the athletes yesterday and wondering how they were doing.

Last night I had my dad look up B.J.'s final time and he did awesome! He finished in 9:48:49. He qualified to go to KONA. Here are his times:

Swim: 56:05
Bike: 5:35:57
Run: 3:12:16
Final Time: 9:48:49

He came in 6th in his age divison (out of 22). Overall, he came in 28th (out of 1310).

I just looked at his pictures on Facebook, and it seriously brought a lump in my throat. It was SO inspiring.

THIS is why he is my personal trainer. One day I am going to be right there competing in St. George at the IMSG. THIS is what pushes me to be a better athlete.

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